Critical National Infrastructure

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), such as power, oil and gas, transportation and utilities are vulnerable to cyberattack owing to their characteristics (a variety of legacy, SCADA and ICS systems that were not built with cyber security in mind) and they present a very lucrative target for attackers. CNI must be protected to the highest level and a high level of awareness maintained toward specific and evolving trends. We provide electric and transportation companies and utilities with relevant intelligence that assists to mitigate such threats.

Threat Solution Product
Insertion of Malware to Internal and Sensitive Networks Pre-emptive Intelligence on Malware Used by Cyber Criminals Critical National Infrastructure Feed
Incident Response Post-Incident Intelligence Tailored Services
Details about Attacks pertaining to ICS Systems
  • News on Global Developments
  • Data concerning ICS System Attacks
  • Hacker Group Capabilities Against ICS Systems
Critical National Infrastructure Feed
Tailored Services
Lack of Cyber Awareness by Management and Employees Training of Personnel based on Real-life Intelligence Cyber Training