Corporate entities are the main targets of cyber criminals. As such, they are exposed to a variety of threats to their IT infrastructure, IP, capital, and customer and employee data. Public perception dictates that corporates must do their best to protect these assets, and with our help they are able to mitigate such threats and prepare to counter future threats.

Threat Solution Product
Insertion of Malware to Internal and Sensitive Networks Pre-emptive Intelligence on Malware Used by Cyber Criminals Corporate Feed
Incident Response Post-Incident Intelligence Tailored Services
Leakage, Trade or Exposure of Sensitive Customer Information (Personal Information, Credit Card Details etc.) Monitoring and Alerting on Data Leakage to Underground Platforms Corporate Feed
Tailored Services
Denial-of-Service Attack by Hacktivists Pre-emptive Intelligence on Hacktivism Operations Corporate Feed
Lack of Cyber Awareness by Management and Employees Training of Personnel based on Real-life Intelligence Cyber Training
Intentions to Deface Site, Causing Reputation Damage Pre-emptive Intelligence on Hacktivism Operations Corporate Feed