Tailored Services

Tailored solutions are the answers for customers who are looking for constant monitoring of specific threats pertaining to them. Through the process detailed below we define and create a customer specific intelligence operation producing highly effective intelligence to suit specific needs.

Defining Requirements

Along with our customers, we define required intelligence needs, and derived for that the needed coverage, reporting parameters and reporting frequency.

Mapping Relevant Online Platforms

We have already mapped the major online platforms where illicit trade is taking place. These include Russian underground sites and DarkNet sites. Furthermore, we are monitoring password-protected forums and discussion groups where card details and services (including the sale of skimmer devices, new types of malware and vulnerabilities) are discussed.

Creating Virtual Entities

Throughout the operation, SenseCy will operate multiple virtual entities dedicated to the relevant platforms (one or more entity per platform, depending on the need) that have been deemed relevant for data harvesting. The virtual entities activated exemplify our extensive experience and utilize a combination of proven methodologies, dedicated intelligence tools and comprehensive cyber skills. Our virtual entity identities amalgamate cover stories, proxy IP's, linguistics and subject matter expertise, together with dedicated web-interaction methodologies.

Embedding Virtual Entities

We have already established our entities on the relevant platforms, and if, during the operation, additional, relevant platforms are identified, we will create and plant the new entities as necessary.

Establishing Credibility, Commence Interaction

By operating on the underground platforms for over a year now, SenseCy's Cyber Intelligence analysts have successfully established the credibility of our virtual entities, resulting in their being granted access to covert areas (secret chat rooms and trading sites) and permitting them to directly engage cyber criminals to obtain up-to-date information regarding intentions and trends.

Constant Monitoring and Alerting Regarding Trade, Trends and Intentions

Once our entities are established, they generate continuous intelligence regarding intentions, trends and customer details or property being sold or distributed.

To discuss how we tailor cyber intelligence services to your organization, please contact us.