Cyber Intelligence Feeds

SenseCy cyber intelligence analysts provide up-to-date, relevant and specific intelligence items for specific sectors:

  • Financial
  • Corporate
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Government & Defense
  • Mass Media

Financial Feed

Financial institutions are amongst those most affected by malicious cyber activities. This can have a profound impact on their reputations and lead to substantial financial losses. Our financial feed is a myriad of open, closed and deep-web sources that brings effective intelligence to clients from the financial sector, including new malware development that threatens the institute or its customers, the exposure of client data, and intent to attack and deface websites.


Corporates are the main targets of cyber criminals. As such, they are exposed to a variety of threats to their IT infrastructure, IP, capital, and customer and employee data. Our corporate feed is aimed at delivering effective intelligence to corporate customers, originating from open, closed and deep-web sources, and includes new malware development, exposure of client data, and intent to attack and deface.

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Feed

Telecom, utilities, ISPs and infrastructure providers are essential to the operation of a modern lifestyle. Attacks on such infrastructure could have devastating consequences on our daily lives. As such, receiving preemptive intelligence about potential threats is imperative. Our CNI feed focuses on advanced threats targeting this sector.

Government & Defense Feed

Governments and associated organizations have been the target of hacktivists and cyber terrorists, looking to disrupt and damage reputation of these institutes. Our Government feed delivers focused, near real- time and more technical intelligence regarding such threats, including defacements attacks, Denial of service attacks and tools and confidential data leakage.

Mass Media Feed

Mass media organizations have been targeted by cyber criminals and hacktivists alike due to their high profile and the massive web traffic they generate. Our mass media feed delivers the relevant intelligence regarding cyber threats to the mass media industry, from hacktivists, open sources, closed groups and deep- web platforms. The feed includes alerts regarding imminent hacktivist operations ("Ops"), criminal activities and malware targeting media sites, and data leaks associated with media entities.

Our cyber-intelligence feeds are based on three types of sources:

OSINT Sources

We meticulously and continuously collect information from a variety of sources, including cyber security blogs, professional forums and discussion groups, IT security vendor announcements, research papers and academic publications. This constant stream of information is automatically aggregated and then filtered by cyber security experts, to ensure that our clients receive only relevant and concise news feed.

Hacktivism and Social Media Sources

Using our intimate knowledge of hacktivism and hacktivist groups, we are able to provide updates regarding global hacktivist operations, including time-sensitive alerts regarding planned activities (future "Ops"), current activities and traces of past activities (defacement).

  • DDoS Alerts/Notices
  • Defacement Alerts/Notices
  • Campaign Alerts
  • Attack Tools
  • Data Leakage Alerts
  • Group Alerts

Deep-Web and DarkNet Sources

By operating on the underground platforms for over a year now, SenseCy cyber intelligence analysts have successfully established the credibility of our virtual entities, resulting in their being granted access to covert areas (secret chat rooms and trading sites), and enabling them to directly engage cyber criminals.

Our deep-web feed provides constant updates regarding intentions, trends and customer information or property being sold or distributed.

The deep-web feed includes the following elements:

  • Malware
  • Exploits/vulnerabilities