SenseCy aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all cyber intelligence needs. Our cyber intelligence operation is based on "virtual HUMINT" sources technical and open sources and aims to deliver actionable and relevant intelligence to our customers. SenseCy was built by a team of cyber security and intelligence experts, with abundant experience in deliver cyber intelligence to a large array of customers.

SenseCy Cyber Intelligence is now backed by the Verint Web Intelligence advanced solutions, providing multiple platforms for the automatic collection and analysis of Actionable Intelligence® from the entire web. Verint Web Intelligence uses expert workflows and customized forensic tools to covertly investigate existing & developing threats.

Our unique capabilities include:

  • Linguistic expertise- Russian, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, additional languages
  • Wide coverage of online platforms, password protected forums, underground and DarkNet
  • Obtaining and analyzing Malware
  • Understanding and mitigating of cyber incident lifecycle- planning, attack, post event

Virtual HUMINT™ is a unique methodology created to use over virtual web-platforms to gain trust, form connections and ultimately collect valuable intelligence from entities of interest in virtual cyberspace.

Much like a traditional intelligence agency might recruit and operate live human assets in physical spaces in order to obtain information, we specialize in cultivating and operating virtual identities in online spaces, that act and access social media platforms like natural netizens – citizens of the internet.