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SenseCy (a Verint Company) is a leading Israeli provider of actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) solutions, relying on a unique Virtual HUMINT-based methodology that combines highly skilled analysts with advanced domain expertise and proficiency in over 15 languages, and the most advanced Web Intelligence (WEBINT) systems on the market by Verint, providing multiple platforms for the automatic collection and analysis of Actionable Intelligence® from the entire web.

Verint Web Intelligence uses expert workflows and customized forensic tools to covertly investigate existing & developing threats. Our intelligence analysts use Verint Web Intelligence Center, Verint WebAlert, Verint DarkAlert and Profiler add-ons.

Dozens of Virtual HUMINT entities are operated across all web surfaces and platforms, collecting valuable information and analyzing it to transform abundant data into actionable intelligence.

targeted intelligence services

SenseCy expert analysts correlate, aggregate and analyze data and information, which is gathered based on pre-defined interests of the customer, culminating in actionable, customized intelligence reports and no false positives.

unique methodology

Using years of operational experience, SenseCy analysts map and acquire relevant web sources and entities relevant to each customer’s sector, geographic area and linguistic requirements. Capable of capturing any type of media from open and closed web sources, massive amounts of data are accumulated and stored in-house, allowing cross-references and deep research any time it is required for a specific customer.

linguistic capabilities

SenseCy analysts are fluent in over 15 languages, including Russian, Chinese, Farsi, Arabic, European languages and more. This extensive linguistic coverage allows the expert teams to identify and analyze suspicious discussions on social media and closed platforms. In addition, Verint technologies allow 24/7 keyword alerts in any language, expanding analysts range even further.

virtual humint

Perfected over many years of practice, SenseCy operates dozens of virtual entities combine strong, believable cover stories with well-perfected web interaction methodologies, and are sourcing invaluable intelligence from all relevant web platforms.

intelligence reports

SenseCy customers receive monthly reports that contain only intelligence that has been defined as relevant to them. These can be country-wide, sectorial and/or organization-specific threats, and include in-depth analysts, as well as actionable recommendations, IOCs and operational support.

cyber threat intelligence training

SenseCy offers professional Web Intelligence training programs, aiming to improve the capabilities of analysts of all levels in any organization. Training programs usually last three days for methodology only and five to ten days when including practical training on Verint WEBINT systems, but longer programs can be requested.

training - dark web

Methods for collecting intelligence from closed sources where threat actors and hacking groups reside. Trainees will learn practical methodologies to identify and infiltrate the most secret forums, IRC channels, and Tor hidden services, while remaining anonymous. Trainees will also learn how to efficiently employ their findings and deepen the scope of their research.

training - technical intelligence

This training program focuses on effectively analyzing of gathered technical information, such as IP addresses, domains, IOCs and others, including the usage of Open-Source tools. Search methodology for the Deep-Web will also be presented, including several case studies demonstrating implementation.

Trainees will perfect their ability to spot and investigate phishing infrastructure, research malicious IP addresses and domains, cross check information on technical indicators and conduct other kinds of investigative research.



The Cyber Threat Insider is SenseCy's monthly professional newsletter, which offers our analysts insights on the top cyber threats and trends of the previous 30 days.

In addition, the "Insider Analysis" section offers an extended expert analysis on a specific topic of interest.

The service is free of charge and only requires a subscription request in the form below. Please note that for security reasons, we cannot add free-domain emails to our subscribers list. The email provided must be your corporate email.


contact us

To learn more about SenseCy’s offering, don’t hesitate to contact us by using the form below.

Tel +972-9-7482180

PO BOX 8551, Poleg Netanya, 4250711 Israel


How to Avoid 2020 Online Shopping Threats

The shopping season is upon us and as in previous years, cybercriminals are preparing multiple ways to target the online shopping community, including phishing attempts to steal financial details, malspam campaigns distributing malware and more.

In fact, while examining the credit card trade in the Dark Web during 2019, we discovered that the highest number of stolen cards offered for sale on dedicated marketplaces was in November 2019 with over 32M cards, although we should take in consideration that there are duplications of data, since it is likely that cybercriminals will try to sell the stolen data in multiple marketplaces.

In this post we will provide you with some tips for ensuring a secure shopping spree and we will also take a look at recent attacks and how attack groups operate to target online shoppers and vendors... Read more on our blog.

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