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We meticulously and continuously collect information from a variety of sources, including Cyber security blogs, professional forums and discussion groups, IT security vendor announcements, research papers and academic publications.

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Cyber Intelligence Feeds

SenseCy specializes in collection, production and analysis of any type of open-source information including: Deep-Web sites, DarkNet, social networks, forums and discussion groups as well as news and media websites.
SenseCy's Cyber Intelligence analysts supply up to date, relevant and specific intelligence items for specific sectors: Financial, Media, Government & Defense, Critical National Infrastructure and Corporate clients. Our intelligence is based on three types of sources:

  • OSINT Sources
  • Hacktivism and Social Media Sources
  • Deep Web and Darknet Sources

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Cyber Training

The haze of news, statistics and marketing hype impedes true understanding of cyber-activities nature, impact and the actual threat pose to the organizations. As a remedy we offer two types of training workshops.

tailored intelligence services
Tailored Intelligence Services

Tailored solutions are the answers for customers who are looking for constant monitoring of specific threats pertaining to them.


SenseCy offers a range of off the shelf reports covering various topics from Industry Specific Reports through Technical Reports, Profiles of Hacker Groups, Regional Reports and Dedicated, topic specific, Reports.

From the blog

#OpIcarus Cyber Campaign – Round 5

Hacktivists recently launched the fifth phase of the #OpIcarus cyber campaign (also dubbed #OpSacred) against the financial sector around the world.

This campaign was first launched in February 2016, and as in previous phases, the official target list contains mainly websites of central banks around the world.

In addition, the initiators share links to download known DDoS tools, such as TorsHammer or XerXes... Read more on our blog.

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